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With so many moving parts, issues can arise, and components need replacing. This can especially true if your pool & spa cover is more than three years old. Just like your vehicle needs oil changes and regular maintenance, to ensure it runs properly, so does your automatic pool cover. The best way to keep your auto spa & pool cover running smoothly is to schedule a regular tune-up with a pool & spa cover professionals at Utah Covers for pool & spa cover repair, maintenance, and cleaning services in Salt Lake City.

Here’s what our trained and experienced Utah Covers technician’s will do during your pool & hot tub cover tune-up:

  • Open/close your auto pool or spa cover to see if any noticeable issues are present
  • Remove auto cover lid
  • Clean any debris/leaves from spa & pool auto cover box
  • Inspect mechanism for loose bolts
  • Check and adjust track splice alignment
  • Center and align mechanism, if necessary
  • Check electrical connections to the motor
  • Check motor for signs of overheating
  • Adjust rope reel tension
  • Adjust spa or pool cover in the open and close positions, if needed
  • Clean debris off auto cover tracks
  • Inspect webbing for excessive wear or fraying
  • Inspect fabric for any holes d
  • Check lid brackets to assure they are secure and the correct height
  • Reinstall auto cover lid
  • Operate cover in the open and closed position to assure proper tracking
  • Check operation of the cover pump, if sitting poolside
  • Replace pulleys, if worn
  • Replace guides, if worn
  • Replace gliders, if worn

Most pool cover & spa cover manufactures recommend getting a cover tune-up twice a year, call us today at (801) 262-7233.  We can schedule your cover tune-up to ensure your automatic pool cover is in proper working order!

Visit Us Today! 801-262-7233